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TRANSIT TALES / Participatory photography with migrants / Erasmus+



Throughout the so-called “refugee crisis” we have seen how photography can be a powerful tool in shaping public perceptions of “what is going on”, which in turn effects public opinion, political discourse and institutional solutions (or the lack of them).
We believe that one necessary step in the path towards empathy and dialogue is to be presented with the full multidimensional story, not just the usual media portrayals of victims or threatening strangers.
This year we will facilitate the production and visibility of images of these people in transit from their own point of view. Also, we will multiply the effect of our work by compiling and sharing what we learn along the way.

So in 2016-17 CFD (Barcelona), EYFA (Berlin), Jungleye (Calais) and the Oiseaux Sans Tête collective (Brussels) will be joining forces to produce:

  • Participatory Photography workshops with migrants and refugees in Barcelona, Calais and Germany
  • An interactive website / platform for dissemination and visibility of these kind of workshops, where the public can browse through different threads of images and stories
  • Seminars aimed at fostering a learning community between people active in participatory photography and intercultural work with migrants and refugees (workshop leaders and participants, projects, activists, community leaders)
  • A “good practices” guide about what we have learned
  • A travelling exhibition of the products of participatory photography workshops with migrants and refugees, to be presented in Barcelona, Calais (April 2017) and Brussels (Sept 2017)

The project intends to be, above all, a tool for facilitating self-expression, dialogue and community. We aim to be an inclusive project and will try our best to be a welcoming environment for diversity.
We also intend to reflect on the “metadata” present when a picture is taken – cultural / ideological and iconographic filters, and situations of power/non power, and how these influence the photo’s impact and what it says.
To help this along we have grants from the Barcelona city hall and from Erasmus+. CFD undertakes this project in the hope of contributing towards better public discourses and ultimately policies.


Post-Transit Tales series of workshops and events / October 18-23 2016 / BCN


So let’s say we…

  • Gather people from six different countries, in a diverse range of professions including – but not limited to – web developers, participatory photography workshop facilitators, and experts in communication against xenophobia
  • Take them to CFD
  • Stir for five days of seminars, a roundtable, the setup and inauguration of an exhibition, and 18 coffee breaks

All of this – and much more – has taken place during these days of Transit Tales workshops and events. A space built with many hands and many heads, prepared with enthusiasm, lived with intensity… and now it is over, like most good things in life, it has not been what we expected but something much more interesting.

We have focused on participatory photography processes, specifically how image can be used working WITH migrants and refugees. Whose voices are heard? To what end? What knowledge can be useful in these processes? What technologies? Such have been the questions we’ve been working on.

The final day while people were at the opening of the exhibition, looking at the pictures and the postcards, many were asking:
But these photos have been taken by refugees?
So can I write with this postcard to the person who made this photo?
(Answers: yes and yes.)

And we started discussing our motivation for organizing our blitz of this participatory photography series of events.

Having such a mix in the program, with activities for learning, for discussion, for public visibility and for informal exchange, is not an easy thing to hold together. But we have seen yet again how valuable it is to build such spaces; it is where people meet, knowledge and relationships are built… and where sometimes the mere mix of backgrounds forces you out of your comfort zone and into the land of surprise, where the most valuable lessons can be found.

We all can see how everyone starts from very different ways of working and needs, and somehow the path towards the whole is managed, with remarkable results.  Thus was the case with this Transit Tales series-of-workshops-and-events. We started with the anxiety of the unknown, and we take away a gift of new and good friendships, and a treasure of shared knowledge.

Thanks to everyone who made it possible! 



CDF_Barcelona_Logos PANTONE      eu-flag-erasmus

Mascarade / Parc naturel de l’Our

De nouvelles tribus croisées lors de la fête du parc naturel de l’Our au Luxembourg, le 7 Aout 2016.

Retrouvez vos images ici

mascarade vegetale

mascarade vegetale

Mascarade / ParckDesign / 06/08/2016

Samedi 06 Aout 2016, grand rassemblement des oiseaux au parc Duden….
Grande mascarade de 16 à 20h dans le cadre de Parckdesign….


Au programme :
« Mascarade végétale », atelier de création de parures en papier et végétation locale, cueillette, fabrication, et spécial make-up avec Rebecca Flores
Musique live avec Maurizio Athome, Chloe Despax, Gil Roggen, Drache Musicale….
pOST session botanique

La volière au complet, accompagnée d’oiseaux migrateurs de toutes plumes….

Retrouvez ici la preuve en image de votre transformation et quelques souvenirs

Samedi 6 Aout / 16-20h / Parc duden/ square lainé / Freeeee

Studio Gif pour la plus grande kermesse du Monde / Holidays Recyclart 2016

Nouveau studio déjanté des OST, une série de GIF pendant Holidays festival au recyclart. Juillet-Aout 2016.

Retrouvez vos gif ici:



pOST estivale / Save the dates

La pOST et ses messagers d’amour est de retour!

le 16 et le 31/07/ + le 6  et le 20/08/2016 pOSt special botanique au parc Duden / Parck Design. 4pm-8pm… Retrouvez vos cartes ici 

le 15/07/2016 à Recyclart pour Holidays, retrouvez vos cartes ici 





Parckdesign2016©p-OSTCollective478 copie




Mudamini’s Workshop & Party @ MUDAM

Studio photo avec les Mudaminis du MUDAM pour les 10 ans du Musée Juin / Juillet 2016.
Décors et accessoires réalisés avec les enfants suite à deux workshops organisés en Juin avec les enfants.
Passez nous voir pour un voyage spacio-temporel à travers 10 ans de créations artistiques et pédagogiques.
Clôture de ce grand weekend en musique avec Dj Gil aka Tigrou pour les Kids…

Retrouvez vos photos souvenirs ici

Dj Tigrou@Mudam

photobooth mudamini ©OST collective


photobooth mudamini © OSt collective


mudam collage


ParckDesign 2016 / Jardin Essentiel / Eté 2016

Capture d’écran 2016-07-04 à 16.17.56OST participe à ParckDesign avec différentes activités créatives et festives cet été.

Save the dates :
le 25 Juin : Inauguration du parlement temporaire de Zuloark @ Carré Tillens, 14-18h
les 16 et 31 Juillet, le 20 Aout : pOST spéciale Botanique @ Parc Duden, 16-20h
le 6 Aout : Après-midi festive, ateliers créatifs, studio photo, musique etc… @ Parc Duden, 15-20h

Toutes les infos ici






Jours de Fête 2016 / Les Grottes / Genève

Jours de fête dans le quartier des grottes.
Ost collective & guest friends invités par Pré En Bulle pour 2 jours de folieS avec un studio Grandn’ importe quoi, 1 mega pOST, des coloriages, de la musique à tout va, des ambienceurs….. et surtout de la bonne humeur….

21 et 22 Mai 2016, Rue des oiseaux du paradis, Les Grottes, Genève

pOST_bons baisers






Le monde à l’envers / Irisfeest / Dimanche 8 Mai

Cette année c’est  » le monde à l’envers », venez vous plonger dans un univers magique et fantaisiste, inspiré d’Alice aux pays des merveilles, de Georges Méliès, et de nombreux contes renversants.

Les oiseaux vous concoctent un nouveau studio photo interactif et décalé dont vous serez les héros projetés dans des univers délirants….Décors multi-dimensions et curieux personnages vous emmèneront le temps d’une photographie composée dans un inoubliable voyage aux frontières du réel.

Venez ça sera une fête, créative et poétique, venez danser, rêver, avec les amis fidèles Discochoux  et le Beauty Saloon.

Monde à l'envers75

Monde à l'envers©OST collective05

Monde à l'envers

Monde à l'envers©OST collective03

WHEN : Dimanche 8 Mai de 12 à 18h

WHERE : au Parc royal …. à deux pas de la fontaine… map

How Much : Freeeeeeee


OST meets Pool is Cool project

OST a été invité par le projet Cool is Pool pour différentes actions , performances, studio digital swimming…. découvrez quelques images souvenirs de ces expériences inédites, en espérant qu’il y en aura bientôt de nouvelles!

Stay tuned ….

Digital & Dry swimming at 4041, 12/04/2016 , whole gallery here PIC_DigitalSwimming©OSTcollective_29PIC_OST©Fred_Vansteenwegen_03

Urban action with Pre en bulle from swiss, 10/04/2016. Whole gallery here


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